Meet The Herd


18-year-old BLM mustang, my heart horse, Roo girl. Roo is trained in dressage, has enjoyed a career in jumping and together we trained and learned the sport of horse archery (HBA). We traveled throughout California and Nevada giving HBA demonstrations with renowned horse archer and dear friend Hilary Merrill.

At Tierra del Alma she is part of the Equus Coaching program and likes to do light ranch maintenance and trail ride. She’s witty, kind, opinionated and extremely sensitive.

Roo comes from the Wall Canyon, HMA.


13-year-old BLM mustang from Little Owyhee HMA, Patches is our newest arrival. Her story has stolen the hearts of many as she courageously overcame many obstacles upon entering captivity and went onto the 2013 mustang challenge.

Patches is a fancy mover, talented in liberty and likes to work cows. She is a cautious observant lady with a huge heart. Patches is teaching us all the valuable practice of slowing down, again and again.

We are so grateful to have her in the Equus Coaching program.


23-year-old rescued and retired, quarter horse brood mare, Luna wins the hearts of many! She won mine and when she needed a new home she came directly to us from California.

Always ready for a cuddle and a squeeze, she greets you at the gate. Luna is faithful, openly loving, independent, and goofy. She is always the first to volunteer for an Equus Coaching session and to help with chores around the ranch.


What can we say, she’s our mini donkey mascot and therapy lady. Millie spreads joy wherever she goes. She is independent and full of love for her herd of horses and humans alike.